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Creating a robust brand strategy is the foundation of our Branding Services and is one of your business’s most valuable assets. In today’s complex digital marketing environment, it is vital to make sure your brand stands out, is unique and believable in the mind of your customers.

A branding strategy goes beyond a professional logo. It is essential your brand story and supporting key messages explain what your customers value most about your brand and why it is different.

Build brand reputation, boost visibility and achieve more sustainable growth

People buy from brands that they trust, and they buy sooner.

People look for a range of signals to build sufficient trust to make a purchase. Inconsistency in your branding slows the buyer’s journey down.

One of the common marketing mistakes we see businesses make is not using consistent branding and marketing messages across all marketing channels.

It’s also important to customise your marketing communications to bring your brand story to life for your ideal customers.

An effective brand positioning strategy will support your business objectives and business strategy. It will explain what you do, why you are different, who you serve, and what your customers can expect when choosing your brand.

A successful brand strategy will deliver brand benefits that customers’ value at every touch-point, be unique and, most importantly, enable companies to achieve long-term growth through brand loyalty and referral.

Helped to grow Australia and New Zealand for CTEK into the third largest global market

Brand services for CTEK

How we can help you with our Branding Services

At Sustainable Marketing Services, our marketing consultants have over 25 years of experience helping our clients to build their brand reputation, boost their visibility and achieve more sustainable growth. Our branding services will help you achieve sustainable growth.

Expert Knowledge. Informed Thinking. Sustainable Growth.

From your brand positioning strategy, key messages to marketing communications, we are experts at influencing your ideal customers to buy from you.

We help companies identify a unique brand positioning. Through a clear brand strategy, we will strengthen the awareness and reputation of your brand, increase lead generation and sales, increase customer loyalty and achieve more sustainable growth.

Our branding services includes:

  • Customer, industry and market research and feedback
  • Brand positioning audit and review
  • Brand positioning workshop and recommendations
  • Brand positioning strategy recommendations
  • Brand story and key messages development
  • Brand content themes to support the brand story
  • Brand internal workshop
  • Brand assets review and recommendations

If required, we can also manage the creation of a new brand logo, style guide and execution across your digital marketing and traditional marketing.

In addition, we can execute and manage an end-to-end brand development or a brand revitalisation.

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The Results we achieve

  • Medical centre client doubled the size of their patient list and retained 95% of existing clients when they relocated the medical centre and rebranded
  • Renewable energies client reduced sales cycle from 18 months to 6 months
  • Sporting industry body client improved engagement with members and increased member retention rates

Helped build the reputation of One Life Medical

Brand services for One Life Medical


Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Building services industry tradeshow - ARBS
Elevating the professionalism of the Smart Cool brand

"Let me start by saying thank you, to Maria and her team. Maria has been assisting us for the best part of 10 months, Maria’s goal is to take the brand of our small family business and position us alongside our customers.

We have come from a very technical beginning over the last 8 years and until now have had a very engineered and complex marketing look. Maria and her team have now delivered us with a new look that is fresh, clear and understandable.

Our current and potential clients now clearly and simply understand what we offer, we have not changed who we are or what we offer, we now simply deliver our business in a less complex format.

By simplifying our sales process and enhancing our corporate brand, we have taken our sales process from typically 12-18 months to 3-6 months. Allowing our business to rapidly expand to meet our client demands.

More recently our long term clients have commented on how our new look has cemented their trust in us, a long-term supplier.

With a client base ranging from the high-end domestic market to the boardroom of large multinationals, and with positive comments coming from companies like Hastie services, Ergon Energy, Australia Post and others, I have no hesitations to recommend Maria and her team to help with any ideas you may have."

Read full Smart Cool case study here

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