Successfully Market Your Professional Service For Sustained Growth

In today’s competitive environment professional services can no longer rely just on referrals from parents, family or friends or their reputation. Acquiring, retaining, and servicing clients require a focused and organised marketing effort.

Sustainable Marketing Services has a team of experienced experts with a background in professional services marketing who are able to use their knowledge and expertise to effectively assist the professional service industry with their marketing. This is what we help you do:

1. Understand your most profitable customers and communicate with them

By developing a good understanding of the profile of the clients you wish to attract more of, we are able to understand what triggers the need for your services, what and who influences them, how they make their purchasing decisions and how they prefer to be communicated with. This knowledge of client expectations, together with an assessment on how well the current company image and quality aligns, and the competitive landscape, enables any gaps to be addressed. This enables a clear and succinct brand position that communicates what the company does that is better, how its services are different in order to be positioned to appeal effectively to this target profile.

2. Set long-term goals to deliver volume, growth and profit

By understanding the market and having a clear focused target audience, we are able to develop effective branding recommendations and a strategic marketing program that increases brand awareness and recognition, educates prospective and current clients, enhances and ensures consistency client touchpoints, builds the sales funnel and delivers quality leads and conversions.

3. Increase your good referral sources

For professional services to be sustainable and continue holding a ‘winning’ position requires organised and continued cooperation and coordination between operations and marketing activities. This often means putting in place consistency and regularity in communications and putting in place systems and process to support, measure and respond to marketing efforts. Constantly striving to meet and exceed client expectations, provide value, educate and inform and are proactive and embed relationships with the firm.