Frequently Asked Questions

What is marketing?

Marketing is about trust: Building trust in your products or services, your business, and your brand. Marketing is about understanding: understanding your target market, and knowing what your customer wants.

Marketing is about communication: Communicating with your customers, advising on products, and creating a great customer experience.  Marketing is about business: Increasing sales, creating leads, and generating long-term growth for your business.

Sustainable Marketing Services uses research and marketing models to help you make informed decisions about your marketing and public relations. Our team will create, execute, measure and continue to improve the performance of activities in your marketing plan and public relations plan.

We will also work with clients to build their marketing assets, including websites and marketing capability, with marketing frameworks, systems and mentoring.

When will I see results?

Marketing is a long-term process and for the best results all the stages in the process need to be completed:

  • Get to know your market and build your marketing plan around it
  • Build marketing assets: Your website, brochures, and advertisements
  • Put your marketing activities in place over time
  • Review and improve your plan using analytical tools and metrics
  • Progressively build your marketing capability though systems and mentoring

Typically you will begin to see early results in the first 3 to 6 months. These quick wins will lead to long terms awareness, trust and the sustainable growth of your brand in a timeframe of 6 months to 3 years.

How do you work with clients?

We work by collaborating and building relationships with you and your team.  We spend time getting to know your business and we combine our expertise in marketing with your business knowledge to develop the best marketing strategy for your business.  We are guided by your business culture and your business needs in how we put that strategy in place.

How much will it cost?

We charge a fixed fee determined by business size and the level of service. We work with businesses in three ways:

  • Ongoing: Preferred method that allows us to put in place and manage a long-term strategy for your business
  • Project work: For one-off strategic or tactical projects
  • Mentoring: Where the workload is shared between you and us

We tailor our services to reflect your size, needs and budgets, and we work creatively to get the best from your marketing budget.

All fees, including additional costs such as media advertising or printing, are approved before work begins.

Which marketing works best?

An integrated approach to marketing gets the best results.  Whilst it varies depending on the business, an integrated marketing strategy could include a combination of advertising, public relations, digital and social media activities.

Continually analysing and reviewing marketing performance, and updating your marketing activities, is the key long term success. Building a marketing capability within your business so it becomes a core business function (through frameworks, systems and mentoring) will deliver better results.

How can I get more from my website?

Websites mean sales but before you launch or relaunch your website you need to know how it fits with your business model and your customers.

Fresh content, whether its articles or a blog, will keep customers engaged, but you also need to make sure it fits with your other marketing or public relations activities.  You can engage customers by encouraging them to contact you, whether by phone, by filling in a simple on line contact form, or with an introductory offer.

And make sure you pop up on a relevant Google search by making your website Google friendly. You may also decide to advertise online with Google Adwords, Display or Remarketing.  Clear links to any social media, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, you have as part of your overall marketing strategy, will also help keep customers engaged with you online.

With the growth of digital and social media customers want to communicate with you online 24/7 so consider what methods of communications you will offer online.

Where to from here?

Free free to give us a call on 07 3821 3939 or email us to discuss your project and how we can help you.

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