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Grow your automotive workshop business with automotive digital marketing

Automotive digital marketing can get your phone ringing, increase sales, and grow your automotive workshop business.

In the past, automotive workshops used a range of traditional marketing strategies, including word of mouth, local print advertising, signage, Yellow Pages, radio and sponsorships.

The growth of automotive digital marketing has changed how we market workshops, with consumers searching online in a variety of digital as well as traditional channels.

In this article, we look at why your automotive digital marketing may not be working and how to make improvements and get a better marketing result.

Five Reasons your Automotive Digital Marketing isn’t Working

1. Technical website issues.

Google relies on signals within your website plus other factors to determine its ranking. Some websites are built well technically, and some are not.

2. Poor User Experience.

Google wants visitors to your website to have a good experience. Visitors will leave quickly if your website is slow to load or difficult to navigate.

3. Weak Search Engine Optimisation.

Building a website without any SEO is like forgetting to put your advertisement in the Yellow Pages in years gone past.

4. Low-Quality Content.

Once you have a marketing plan, quality marketing communications are the most important thing to get right. Compelling content is essential for influencing your audience to take action.

5. No promotions.

You’ve heard the phrase, “build it, and they will come”. This isn’t true for websites. Once your website is live, you will need a range of strategies to promote your website, such as Google My Business, SEO, Google Ads and social media, and some traditional marketing such as signage.

Examples of automotive workshop client work

K&G Automotive: automotive digital marketing

Nine ways to Get More Results from your Automotive Digital Marketing

  1. Start with your brand: Your brand is more than your logo. The most important part of your brand is how it is positioned in the market and using consistent visuals and key messages in all your marketing.
  2. Create a Marketing Plan: A successful marketing plan, includes digital and traditional marketing strategies, and will focus your investment on the best-performing activities for your workshop. You need a balance of strategies that grow your brand in the long term with some that bring in short-term sales.
  3. Start with Google My Business: Google My Business is one of the quickest and most cost-effective digital strategies to get your phone ringing to bring in new customers from your local area. It’s important to ask your customers to give you a review and do regular posts on Google My Business.
  4. Get your website checked: Get an audit on your website from either an SEO or website professional. Ask your web developer what they can do to speed up your website and improve its technical functionality and navigation for user experience.
  5. Invest in Search Engine Optimisation: Ask yourself what the goals are for your website. If you want to attract new customers, consider either doing citations to improve the ranking of your Google My Business profile, search engine optimisation for your website, or a combination of both.
  6. Be active on Social media: Start with Facebook as your first social media platform and add in Instagram later. Facebook is the biggest platform and still delivers good results. Do a combination of organic posts, sharing posts to local groups, and boosting your more popular posts.
  7. Run Marketing Campaigns: In your marketing plan make sure you include a range of small marketing campaigns that you can run throughout the year to keep your brand top of mind and to capture more clients. These can be as simple as “get your car serviced before going on holidays” in social media.
  8. Understand your Customer’s Journey: Customers want different types of information at each stage of their customer journey. Create a content plan that includes relevant and engaging topics and offers at each stage of the customer journey.
  9. Enter Awards: Write a submission in local business awards to raise awareness and trust in your brand. If you are a finalist or a winner, conduct some public relations to amplify and stretch the brand awareness and reputation.

Example of automotive distributor client work

CTEK Public Relations

Results we achieve

Here are some of the results we have achieved for automotive clients:

  • Helped a client grow from 7 to 12 staff members over six years
  • Generate between 120 and 180 phone calls from Google My Business each month
  • Boosted awareness and trust in their brand
  • Helped to grow Australia and New Zealand for CTEK into the third largest global market
  • Successfully grown the market share of the CTEK DC-DC range in the leisure market
  • Raised the profile of CTEK professional range in the workshop market

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Why work with Sustainable Marketing Services

Sustainable Marketing Services help clients build their brand reputation, boost their online visibility and achieve more sustainable growth.

We have over ten years of experience in the marketing of automotive workshops and automotive products and understand how to use marketing to get your phone ringing.

Our marketing services are personalised to your workshop, and we offer a monthly fixed fee service to help your budget.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Craft your brand story (positioning, messages and copy)
  • Develop a simple and affordable integrated Digital Marketing Plan
  • New website, manage build, web copy and website SEO
  • Google My Business, SEO and promotion
  • Facebook setup and promotion
  • Instagram setup and promotion
  • Newsletters, blogs and public relations
  • Awards submissions

Book a free digital marketing health check to see how we can improve your automotive digital marketing to achieve more sustainable growth for your automotive workshop.

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