Why you should hire professional marketers.

Why do you need to hire professional marketers when you can hire a business consultant or coach to do your marketing?  Here’s five good reasons why you’re better to hire professional marketers.

  1. You want to grow your business.

If you’re tempted to use a business consultant or even do it yourself - at best you’re going to get generalist advice and average results – at worst, you’ll miss out on sales and fall behind your competitors.  Professional marketers have the expertise and many years of experience to personalise strategies for your business and execute activities well to deliver you better results.  

  1. You want marketing to deliver fast results.

Professional marketers have many years of experience in marketing.  All they do each and every day is marketing.  They test, measure and refine what they do.  This makes them better marketers who achieve better results.  You’ll benefit from their knowledge of what works … and what doesn’t … and they’ll help you achieve faster results.

  1. You want to focus on what you do best.

As a business owner, you have a large “to do” list – from planning and selling to managing people and cashflow. Hiring professional marketers will give you a marketing manager and team to manage, execute and make improvements. They hit the ground running and report to you on performance each month.  You can get back to doing what you do best.

  1. You want to maintain sales momentum.

Continually innovating your marketing is critical if you want to maintain sales momentum.  This requires - not only knowledge of new marketing methods - but knowing when to retain traditional techniques as well.  A Certified Practising Marketer is required to undertake 30 hours of professional development each year.  Like a balanced investment portfolio, they’ll use the right balance of traditional and new marketing in your marketing plan to maintain sales momentum for your business.

  1. You achieve sustainable business growth.

If your marketing isn’t performing, you may have lost confidence in investing in marketing.  You may have started marketing in a “start stop” way or stopped all together.  It’s likely your marketing is on a decline.  Hiring a team of marketing professionals will help you to achieve sustainable business growth, so you can focus on what you do best!

If you’ve got a marketing project you’d like to get started on – don’t delay!  Get in touch, come around for cuppa and a chat and we’ll get it underway for you!

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