Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing

In today’s competitive world customers often look to the web to search for information about brands and products or services before they make a purchase.

Digital can be a B2B sales tool, a channel to drive more sales, or used by a new business that generates all your sales. Be clear about your purpose before developing an online presence.

Whether you are looking to build a new website, improve an existing site or set up an e-commerce site, achieve reliable results by:

  • Conducting a digital audit to understand the online behaviour of your target markets
  • Conducting customer insights research to create a brand that appeals to your customers
  • Using content marketing to create content that engages your customers and prospects
  • Creating a marketing plan to focus resources on the right audience, channel and message
  • Putting in place marketing controls to continue to improve marketing performance

Drive growth through digital marketing

At Sustainable Marketing Services, we use digital as a tool to ensure our clients’ branding, marketing, public relations and digital marketing achieve consistent, reliable results, while minimising risk.

We can help you build a strong online presence and integrate digital promotions into your core marketing plan to drive more growth through:

  • An integrated marketing and digital strategy and plan
  • Website design that engages your target market audience
  • Content marketing that communicates your brand and offer
  • SEO setup so your website can be found
  • Online advertising (Google Adwords, Display and Remarketing) to drive visitors to your website
  • Integrated marketing campaigns (advertising, enewsletters, campaign webpages and social media to drive leads for specific products/services)
  • The ability to effectively measure and monitor your achievements and ROI