Client Testimonials

Gary Judge, Generation Management Group, Sydney

"Ken Forge, a third generation Australian farmer, had developed a revolutionary fencing system. Ken drew his initial design right in the Australian dust; he took it to his workshop and painstakingly crafted his invention by hand; then he took it to the fields to try. Lockpost – the steel picket fencing solution that does away with the time and effort of tying wires – was born. As his business adviser, I had organised funding through a commercialisation grant to help Ken launch his product and new business.

The Generation Management Group needed help from a marketing specialist who understood how to develop an importer/distributor marketing strategy to launch an innovative product into the agricultural market, a marketing team that could bring Ken's innovation to life in a compelling brand story while developing a practical marketing strategy to launch and grow the business during different phases of growth. I had worked with the Sustainable Marketing Services on launching another innovation – GeoBrick, the first carbon neutral brick, and I knew they could help us successfully launch this inspiring business.

The Sustainable Marketing Services team developed a unique brand story that helped us compete with larger, more established brands, and developed practical marketing strategy for each phase of growth. One of the other things we liked is that the Sustainable Marketing Services team was also able to help us implement the marketing strategy with a corporate brochure and product packaging. The material developed gave us a professional image.

Maria's team took the time to really understand our goals, Ken's innovation, and the agricultural industry. They even conducted client insights surveys with our test pilot farmers to help discover the unique brand story. Maria's team have unique expertise, they are very reliable, friendly and professional. They were also very committed to helping us achieve the results we wanted to achieve and met our deadlines. Thank you to Maria Anderson and the Sustainable Marketing Services team!"

Gary & Mary Kellett, Master Franchisee, Oz Bin Cleaning (Qld)

"After 5 years of operating the OZ Bin Cleaning Master Franchise here in Queensland we felt that the various pieces of marketing material we had developed during those years was lacking. They lacked in uniformity, no longer portrayed a clear picture of our company or service, nor did they contain the same key messages throughout.

Having decided we needed some professional help, and as a provider of environmental services, we wanted to work with a company with similar values to ours.  After seeing some of Maria’s work, the decision to go with Sustainable Marketing Services was both easy and right!

Maria and her team took the time to first really understand everything about our business. The brand positioning process was very worthwhile, not only for the Sustainable Marketing Services team to develop great copy, but also for ourselves to really look at every aspect of our business and service.

We were thrilled with the new brand positioning, compelling copy and marketing tools presented to us and are now far more confident in providing this to our franchisees for their marketing and sales activities. We have no doubt that our new material will be instrumental in achieving increased sales.

Maria and her team were friendly, helpful and a delight to work with. We are only too happy to recommend Sustainable Marketing Services to any business that requires professional marketing assistance."

Craig Bogaarts, General Manager, QCCS Group

“Sustainable Marketing Services brought the QCCS Group of companies to life by identifying our authentic brand positioning, developing two visual identities, and creating a corporate brochure that highlights our competitive advantage.

Visiting us on-site in Mackay, Maria Anderson conducted brainstorming sessions with us and interviewed our staff and clients to identify the essence of our brand that drives our brand’s success: a shared vision and commitment to ‘whatever it takes – safely and efficiently’.

The Sustainable Marketing Services team then developed a new visual identity for both QCCS and QBCT making sure that the brands for all four of companies worked together to bring a unified brand voice. The corporate brochure they created emphasises all the collective strengths our clients love.

Thank you Maria and your team. Your marketing insights helped us increase our clarity and strengthened our focus on the future. We are now implementing our brand positioning into all of our marketing processes such as signage, cars, staff uniforms, capability documents and our websites.”

Alan Burgess, Manager, Economic Development, Redland City Council

“The goals of the project were to develop a destination brand (including brand positioning, visual identity and brand strategy) for both Cleveland and Capalaba. Maria Anderson from Sustainable Marketing Services undertook the background research to understand the ‘heart’ of the centres. This was followed by focus groups from each of the regions, to understand their views and gain ideas.

From this consultation concepts were generated and revised, and revised, until we were satisfied we had a selection of logos for each centre, using a range of different approaches.

These logos and an accompanying range of taglines were then presented back to the local businesses, who voted on the most appropriate. A style guide for each was prepared.

I liked Sustainable Marketing Services’ approach to the project which included a considerable effort to understand the centres and what they mean to the locals. This enabled the resultant logos to accurately reflect the ‘hearts’ of both Cleveland and Capalaba. Sustainable Marketing Services was very responsive and flexible to our requests and had a good understanding of what was required.

I would like to thank Maria and her team for their efforts and an excellent outcome.”

Shaun Kenafake, Evolve Property Services

“I engaged Sustainable Marketing Services when I established Evolve Property Services in 2011. At that stage I had a thought bubble of a concept, without a business name. We worked together to define the Evolve's brand story (and name) and this developed with the design of the logo, website, business consumables, etc. Maria and Lisa were professional and personable and I'm extremely satisfied with the end product. I plan to partner with Sustainable Marketing Services with the growth on my business.”

Scott Gregson, Smartcool Australia

“Let me start by saying thank you, to Maria and her team. Maria has been assisting us for the best part of 10 months, Maria’s goal is to take the brand of our small family business and position us alongside our customers.

We have come from a very technical beginning over the last 8 years and until now have had a very engineered and complex marketing look. Maria and her team have now delivered us with a new look that is fresh, clear and understandable.

Our current and potential clients now clearly and simply understand what we offer, we have not changed who we are or what we offer, we now simply deliver our business in a less complex format.

By simplifying our sales process and enhancing our corporate brand, we have taken our sales process from typically 12-18 months to 3-6 months. Allowing our business to rapidly expand to meet our client demands.

More recently our long term clients have commented on how our new look has cemented their trust in us, a long-term supplier.

With a client base ranging from the high-end domestic market to the boardroom of large multinationals, and with positive comments coming from companies like Hastie services, Ergon Energy, Australia Post and others, I have no hesitations to recommend Maria and her team to help with any ideas you may have.”

James Brockhurst, Proprietor, The Good Guys Capalaba

“Sustainable Marketing Services donates time to help promote local Capalaba businesses and improve the economic prosperity of Capalaba. Maria Anderson sits on the committee and has helped reposition the CBID brand that is driving renewed interest in CBID. She is an active member of the committee and is focused on the Capalaba community and sustainability in the Capalaba area. Maria brings to the committee a broad range of skills along with a principle-centred leadership style that is highly valued by the committee and myself. Maria is also extremely generous with her donated time as a CBID volunteer and has been a major contributor to the value proposition CBID offers to its members and potentially all Capalaba businesses.”

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