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Kieren Parton, One Life Medical

“Maria Anderson and Sustainable Marketing have been looking after my business's marketing for over 7 years now. I am completely comfortable with Maria's recommendations and proposals. Maria is always professional and has my business interests at heart. I can't recommend Maria highly enough for any business.”“Maria Anderson and Sustainable Marketing have been looking after my business's marketing for over 7 years now. I am completely comfortable with Maria's recommendations and proposals. Maria is always professional and has my business interests at heart. I can't recommend Maria highly enough for any business.”

Andrew Blair, Bella Manufacturing

“My business was facing some particularly difficult circumstances in late 2014 and we were lacking direction and a plan with the best way to move forward.

I had several meetings with Sustainable Marketing Services to develop a plan and help us to improve the performance of our website. I left each meeting feeling inspired and confident in their advice and experience.

My business is now growing with solid strength and I attribute our success to their expertise with our marketing success.

I would not hesitate to highly recommend the Sustainable Marketing Services team to anybody looking to grow their business and effectively market products and / or services.”

Michael Tyrrell, Managing Director, Bainbridge Technologies

“What a pleasure it is to engage a company that wants to know and learn how your business operates. Sustainable Marketing Services helps you look inside your company so you can assess your direction and determine how you can grow, change and enhance your business. Matching business goals with marketing goals gives strength to your company moving forward.

To put it simply we are heading down the same road to the same location.

Sustainable Marketing Services is considerably different than a PR or marketing agency. The managing director is an experienced professional with wonderful creative ideas balanced with business acumen.

Whilst you may outsource this section of your business, this particular company makes you feel it is part of your internal structure. This gives you confidence in decision-making processes along the marketing journey.”

Rory Stainton, Managing director, Geobrick Pty Ltd

“I‘m one of those guys who knew I had a good idea, knew I had the ability to manufacture the product, and also knew that it would rely on good marketing if it were to be successful to which I had absolutely no idea of how to go about it.

To be honest, I was scared. I thought it (marketing) was too big and too hard. I thought it was expensive and that it would be almost impossible to find someone who even cared. Marketing, I thought, was complicated at best and a hit and miss (scatter gun) approach based on my (little) experience.

That was until I was lucky enough to meet Maria. It‘s obvious to me now, but not at first, that Maria not only has a vast knowledge of marketing and a great amount of experience, but also has a ‘feel‘ for the person and the product she‘s dealing with.

Maria has understood the product (and therefore the market) and very cleverly dissected the approach into little bite size pieces where all I had to do was swallow. Maria has turned my fear back into confidence. I can do this. This will work for me. I will be successful. Thank you."

Neil Hodkinson, Bio Steam

“I was ready to position my business for growth, but I didn‘t really know how to make it happen. Then I read about Sustainable Marketing Services when they won the ‘Best Emerging Business‘ award in the 2009 Redland Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Awards. I thought their broad, senior-level marketing expertise could help me across the board with the marketing strategy and implementation I would need to take my business to the next level.

“Was I ever right! Maria and her team started off by taking the time to really understand my business and my goals. Then they used their strategic insights to develop exactly what we needed.

We were able to focus on running our business and doing what we do best, knowing that Sustainable Marketing Services had the marketing activities fully under control.

We really enjoyed seeing our customers’ response to our new branding at the trade show launch. It was all positive. This gave us a real lift in leads and sales - the new branding worked!”

Gary Judge, Generation Management Group, Sydney

"Ken Forge, a third generation Australian farmer, had developed a revolutionary fencing system. Ken drew his initial design right in the Australian dust; he took it to his workshop and painstakingly crafted his invention by hand; then he took it to the fields to try. Lockpost – the steel picket fencing solution that does away with the time and effort of tying wires – was born. As his business adviser, I had organised funding through a commercialisation grant to help Ken launch his product and new business.

The Generation Management Group needed help from a marketing specialist who understood how to develop an importer/distributor marketing strategy to launch an innovative product into the agricultural market, a marketing team that could bring Ken's innovation to life in a compelling brand story while developing a practical marketing strategy to launch and grow the business during different phases of growth. I had worked with the Sustainable Marketing Services on launching another innovation – GeoBrick, the first carbon neutral brick, and I knew they could help us successfully launch this inspiring business.

The Sustainable Marketing Services team developed a unique brand story that helped us compete with larger, more established brands, and developed practical marketing strategy for each phase of growth. One of the other things we liked is that the Sustainable Marketing Services team was also able to help us implement the marketing strategy with a corporate brochure and product packaging. The material developed gave us a professional image.

Maria's team took the time to really understand our goals, Ken's innovation, and the agricultural industry. They even conducted client insights surveys with our test pilot farmers to help discover the unique brand story. Maria's team have unique expertise, they are very reliable, friendly and professional. They were also very committed to helping us achieve the results we wanted to achieve and met our deadlines. Thank you to Maria Anderson and the Sustainable Marketing Services team!"

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