A toast to excellence in modern marketing – Naked Wines uncorks the secret to success

I am not a big wine drinker (I only drink on special occasions) but I have had a customer experience to savour, and one that I feel compelled to share, with a company that is shaking up the traditional model of wine retailing.

Naked Wines is often referred to as the ‘Uber’ of the wine industry, in that it is a pioneer of an innovative new way of doing business that is highly disruptive to the status quo, cuts out the middlemen and relies on a customer-funded model to provide major cost savings.

The online wine retailer originated in the UK and has enjoyed great success around the world, including here in Australia where it recently claimed our biggest online retailer award in taking out the People’s Choice category at the 2015 Online Retail Industry Awards.

The unique Naked Wines model taps directly into winemakers and then delivers straight to the door of customers who fund them through their purchases. The savings are significant but it is their refreshingly fun, engaging and fully integrated approach to marketing that really sets Naked Wines apart in a crowded market.

My experience with Naked Wines came via a friend who sent me one of their emails with a voucher. I was 

instantly enchanted by their branding and content marketing and wanted to find out more. I purchased a case of wine with the voucher and within one week of placing that order I am now a passionate advocate of their brand. How did Naked Wines make such a strong connection to me as a new customer in such a short space of time?

The answer is the sum of many parts that came together in an integrated fashion to engage me in a fun, friendly, relevant and meaningful way. Their product is great, the price even better and the customer service is exceptional. But it is their communication that ties it all together into an uplifting customer experience. You are kept up to date at every step of your delivery with personal emails about your order and the journey of the wine to your home.

You are also invited to become an ‘Angel’ investor where you pay a monthly fee to help crowdfund more high quality winemakers. This blends perfectly with their big picture brand story, which is about more than just profits but helping winemakers in their craft.

They even email to let you know you are moving up the ‘Angel list’, complete with a clip of the catchy ‘M People, Moving On Up’ song. This is an outstanding example of relevant, cut-through content marketing 

that reaffirmed my positive experience with their brand, which was further strengthened when my wine arrived in a simple and beautiful mail pack.

You can find out more about Naked Wines here, and I can highly recommend joining up.

To me, as a customer and a marketing strategist, Naked Wines is a showcase of innovative modern marketing in action. Their compelling brand and offer is complemented by a commitment to excellent customer service at every touchpoint of the transaction. Across all mediums, from emails to enewsletters, website and social media, the content is consistently tailored, and speaks directly, to each individual customer.

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