Get an Aussie Legend to support your business!

Would you like to use an Aussie Legend to support your business? If you want to raise your profile on a limited budget, a successful tactic is to draw attention to your organisation by using breaking news.

For instance, providing expert commentary to the media about an issues such as interest rate hikes or medicalbreakthroughs is a way some companies raise their profiles.  Unfortunately, this approach is normally very timsensitive, once the news hits you have hours or even minutes to develop a response that is accurate and worthwhile. 

It’s a great method for cashed-up cowboys, with their own PR people, but not a practical option for small or medium businesses. However, occasionally a gem presents itself, and with a little polish, you can shine a light on your business. 

For the automotive industry, this gem is the recently announced Network Ten telemovie about Peter Brock. 

Car Racing

The series will cover the life of this Aussie Legend and Bathhurst 1000’s most successful driver, who died instantly in 2006 after the car he was racing in Western Australia, skidded and hit a tree. 

Canberra-born Matthew Le Nevez, who played Dennis Lillee in the hit 2012 series Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, will play the champion racing driver. Brock is set to hit screens in 2016 and the network will likely spend hundreds of thousands of dollars whipping up interest and support from motorsport fans and the general public. 

In fact, Australia’s passion for motorsport has been exemplified by HDT who released a limited edition high performance Commodore in 2010 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the original Peter Brock Commodores that have gone on to become collectors’ items.

So, how can you share in the renewed interest?

If you sell aftermarket product you can piggy-back the media buzz created by Network Ten. From wheels, tyres, body kits, seats, stereos, performance parts, exhaust systems, suspension....the list goes on…you can generate some interest by writing an article, perhaps a case study on an installation, a profile on a vehicle and owner or promoting a new product that appeals to your customers. You can then distribute this to media outlets that may be interested.

The reason that media coverage is so beneficial to your business is because people trust editorial far more than they trust advertising. So, editorial coverage is gold, and in the same breath as Aussie Legend Peter Brock, it’s priceless.

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