What’s the Big Idea?

Size matters, but it’s not always big ideas that get the best results, and the great brand stories are the ones built on a steady stream of small ideas.

Nurturing and developing a brand takes time, committed effort and a little patience. Marketing is a long game, and marketing plans that regularly implement small ideas, refining and revising until the brand story is fully written, get the best results.

But don’t just take our word for it; a 2010 article in the Harvard Business Review argued that “if ... simpler, smaller ideas were set free, the effect would be as potent as any grand theory.”

The beauty of small ideas lies in what you can do with them, it’s not the size of the idea but its potential that makes it powerful. At Sustainable Marketing Services we translate small ideas into nimble strategies that are the bread-and-butter of building a brand.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

The best small ideas start with brainstorming, and the best brainstorming asks the right questions of the right people, based on a clear understanding of business goals.

At monthly brainstorming sessions the Sustainable Marketing Services’ senior team of brand, PR, and marketing specialists use their collective knowledge and experience to generate ideas for clients that produce results for the long term.

We know the brand story of our clients because we helped write it, and it’s that fundamental understanding that gives us the edge in coming up with innovative ideas that our clients love.

At first glance our recent idea for an e-book or app designed to help educate children about managing their money doesn’t look like a great way of generating business for an accounting firm.

But for this client it goes to the heart of their family-focussed brand story, a story their customers know and love. This value-added commitment to their brand values is something customers will remember, and act on, by making them first choice for their services or through personal recommendation.

Knowing what differentiates our clients from their competition also drives our ideas. Brainstorming recently about the solar services of an energy management client in advance of an upcoming consumer show we focussed on their reputation for technical expertise and customer service.

So now instead of just presenting their products they will offer insights into new technology, such as the Tesla Powerwall solar energy storage battery, and hold interactive sessions with customers and potential customers on understanding and better managing their energy bills. This value-added approach will strike a chord with those customers and potential customers and set them apart from the competition.

Sustainable Marketing Services delivers practical, results-orientated and reliable marketing services. We focus on growing businesses that last the distance.

We do this by working with you to create your unique brand story and deliver excellence in marketing and PR through:

  • Regularly brainstorming ideas with your team and building a portfolio of small ideas that we can quickly put into action
  • Bringing your brand story to life with small ideas that can be quickly implemented for specific marketing initiatives such as tradeshows and campaigns
  • Structuring annual strategic planning sessions in a way that produces a number of specific actionable ideas for the coming year that will continue to build your brand story

At Sustainable Marketing Services we control strategy in action to produce reliable results and work with growing businesses in Australia and internationally.

Book a complimentary 20 minute meeting to brainstorm your brand story and some small ideas that can deliver big results.

Where to from here?

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