Smartcool Australia

Smartcool Australia combines world-leading heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) energy efficiency products with specialised expertise and a proven track record of measurable system improvements.


Smartcool Australia engaged Sustainable Marketing Services to help achieve the following goals:

  • Bring the strengths of their brand, products and service to life
  • Explain their technical products in a simple and engaging way
  • Support the sales team to increase leads and conversion rates.


We started by discovering Smartcool’s unique brand positioning as “The Proven HVAC/R Energy Efficiency Innovators” and developed four key words / themes to describe the essence of the brand, “HVAC energy specialist, High performance, Proven, and Supportive”.

The brand positioning was brought to life in a visually engaging corporate brochure (view). We explained the benefits of Smartcool’s complex products using compelling and ‘easy to understand’ messages such as “cooling down energy consumption for savings”.

A corporate presentation (view) was developed for use in boardroom presentations and on iPads.  The engaging presentation uses facts and figures and case studies to demonstrate the credibility of Smartcool’s brand.

A tradeshow strategy was developed for the Air conditioning, Refrigeration and Building services industry tradeshow - ARBS 2012. This involved the development of a design for a trade stand, a touch-screen micro site (developed by iSonic websites), video (created by Xander Video), product flyers and an invitation.


Energex and Coles have advised Smartcool Australia that the corporate brochure made it easier to understand what Smartcool does and the benefits of their products. Over 50% of the prospects invited to the 2012 ARBS presentations accepted Smartcool’s invitation including a very significant prospect. Scott Gregson from Smartcool has indicated that they now have enough leads to keep them busy for the next 18 months. “You have simplified our complex products. The conversations at ARBS were less technical and more corporate which made selling easier. Our branding looks more professional which has increased confidence in our business. We even need to employ more staff.”

We believe there are three success factors to marketing businesses with technical products likes Smartcool Australia. The first factor is discovering Smartcool’s unique brand story. The second factor is transforming their complex solutions into simple plain English. The third factor is using a consistent, engaging design and compelling key messages across all marketing activities.

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