Concise Workshopped Marketing Plan

Creating a roadmap to drive the growth of your company

A marketing plan will give you clarity on how your marketing will help you to achieve your business objectives and will give you a roadmap to drive the growth of your company.

A successful marketing plan will give you a clear understanding of your customers and market(s) and will focus your resources on the best opportunities and activities for your business.

How can we help?

Sustainable Marketing Services builds, delivers and manages strategy-led, reliable and results-focussed marketing, public relations, digital and brand assets to help our clients achieve sustainable long-term growth.

Our marketing plans are available in three flexible solutions:

  1. Comprehensive strategic business review and marketing plan
  2. An affordable and concise workshopped Marketing Plan (below)
  3. Marketing mentoring where we share the workload.

Affordable and concise workshopped marketing plan

This solution includes:

  • A four hour ‘one-on-one’ marketing workshop
  • A concise 12 month marketing plan
  • A simple measurement system

Our process

Our concise Marketing Plans are developed using the following process:

Step One

Conduct a four hour marketing workshop and use insights from the workshop to:

  • Set measurable marketing goals
  • Define your best target markets
  • Create a brand positioning strategy
  • Define the best marketing activities
  • Set your marketing budget and measurements

Step Two

Based on the results of your marketing workshop we develop a concise marketing plan including a marketing calendar and budget based on the outcomes from the marketing workshop that can improve your marketing and help grow your business.

(The concise marketing plan is more compact than our Strategic business review and Marketing Plan. It is created using a proven marketing system. It does not include research, in-depth insights or detailed marketing strategy.)

Investment: From $1,500 to $2,500 ex GST