Social Media

Social Media Planning and Marketing

Reach your customers and have real conversations. Social media is an excellent channel to listen to what your customers, prospects and competitors are saying.

Building a successful social media presence requires regular, quality content and ongoing management. To achieve the best performance, it is essential to integrate social media into your marketing strategy and plan.

We bring you the best strategy for social media success

Sustainable Marketing Services builds, delivers and manages strategy-led, reliable and results-focussed marketing, public relations, digital and brand assets to help our clients achieve sustainable long-term growth.

We can help you plan, set up, execute and manage the integration of social media into your marketing plan by:

  • Developing a social media strategy and plan
  • Understanding your audience’s digital content marketing preferences
  • Setting up social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Preparing a calendar of posts to add and manage content on a social media platform
  • Conducting social media campaigns integrated with other marketing activities
  • Monitoring, measuring and improving social media performance