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The rapid technological changes in the marketplace, accompanied with the requirement for financial, technical and strategic advice, has seen a rapid increase in the need for professional services.

This high-level of demand has meant that professional services are having to evolve the way they for market new business, ensuring they adapt to the changing marketing landscape by creating carefully crafted content that is relatable, original and engaging.

Whether you sell accounting services, engineering services, commercial services, aged care services, disability services or medical services- how you market to potential clients is changing and the need to adapt to these changes in digital, social and content marketing, has never been more important.

How marketing for professional services is changing.

Historically, many professional services organisations relied on relationship marketing and referrals alone. But as we shift towards a greater reliance on digital and social media, the online realm is becoming an important tool for building trust, engaging and educating potential customers, quickly. A lead-generating website and strong social media presence, carries your identity, demonstrates your relevance and showcases your qualifications as an expert.

Five tips for marketing of professional services in 2018

  1. Target your messages with laser precision to a niche audience. Understand your customers, their requirements and needs- build and nurture those relationship through targeted content that resonates with them
  2. Use public relations and / or social media to raise the profile of your brand. Digital is a powerful platform that can reach a wide, relevant audience. It needs to offer a great visitor experience
  3. Use Google advertising (Adwords/Display/Remarketing) to generate leads.  Use Google My Business to drive leads in the same geographical area of your business
  4. Tell good and relevant stories through blogs and newsletters. Content needs to be carefully crafted, be original, relatable and targeted to the needs of your niche audience
  5. Use Facebook Marketing (paid and organic) to generate awareness and warm up your prospects

Proven performance in professional services marketing

Sustainable Marketing Services is a multi-award-winning end-to-end agency with a proven track record in helping professional services organisations – raise their brand profiles, generate leads, grow their business and retain clients.

We have more than a decade of experience creating and executing exceptional marketing strategies for accountants, aged care services, disability services, medical centres, commercial linen cleaning services and mining services to name a few.

Maria Anderson, the founder, has previously worked in the marketing division for legal services of Mallesons and then in financial services, working with renowned companies like MLC, Macquarie Bank and Credit Suisse.

We use our know-how to deliver and execute practical, reliable and results-orientated marketing, public relations, digital marketing and social media for professional services organisations in Australia

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