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Shining a Light on Radiant Solar Racking: A Case Study

Radiant Australia is a Brisbane based supplier of high quality commercial and residential tailored solar racking. Radiant supply solar racking solutions that are both technologically advanced and value for money, thanks to their innovative design and a high degree of preassembly.

The business was established in Brisbane in 2012 and the Radiant team spent the first few years focusing on building operations and sales. But like a lot of growing businesses it wasn’t long before they realised their early marketing efforts were not enough to sustain the reputation of their now successful brand.
Deciding it was time for a more professional marketing strategy they got in touch with Sustainable Marketing Services.

The Sustainable Strategy

Our goal for Radiant was to bring their brand story to life for their customers. That meant getting to know their story and understanding their target market, so to do that we started with a conversation.

Talking to the directors Juergen and John, we learnt about them, their history, and their passion for the business. We talked about their customers; who are they, what their needs are, and how Radiant delivers a service that meets and goes beyond those needs.

Armed with a deeper understanding of their business and target market we were able to develop a brand positioning strategy for Radiant. We used this to build a marketing plan and a digital strategy; with a particular focus on how we could bring the brand to life for their customers in the digital space.

Getting a new website up and running was the first priority but we also needed to be mindful that their customer base is trade, so that meant making sure it was tablet, iPad and mobile friendly.

Customer service is at the heart of what Radiant do; from the time they’ve invested in R&D to build better products, through to their unique design and after sales service.

So as well as making sure the design service was prominently communicated via the website, we brought this to life by organising professional photographs of the team and their business for the website, helping customers connect with the personalities behind the brand.

We also understood that Radiant customers want access to clear, easy-to-understand information about their products. So we took this principle and organised a Systems Calculator through iSonic for the website; a useful tool that lets customers quickly work out the components and cost of their next solar installation just by typing in a few key specifications.

Recognising also that their website ranked well for keywords on key search engines we made sure that when the new website launched our preferred Google Partner, Mark Tull from Website Essentials notified Google so they wouldn’t lose that marketing advantage.

A Team Effort

At Sustainable Marketing Services we understand marketing and we take the time to get to know the business of all our clients. It’s our role to advise and guide but ultimately it’s a joint effort, and the team at Radiant got that.

We acknowledge the expertise we get from Maria and her team. They give us a push and instantly have made themselves a part of our Radiant team. Sharing the work between us looks likely to see our business be more professional in the public space and more accepted by our new customers for its professionalism,” John Askwith, Managing Director.

But we are also mindful that the demands of running a business mean time spent on sales and marketing can be limited so we were careful not to overload the Radiant team with too many tasks, an approach they appreciated.

There is not a lot of heavy lifting at any one time ... which is smart as we need to focus on our daily orders and quoting. We all know the small goals we have to achieve, and it’s a lot of simple tasks as opposed to one big confusing one,” John Askwith, Managing Director.

By making Sustainable Marketing Services part of the team it was clear we were in it for the long term, and that’s something Radiant loved about our approach. And with a strategic marketing plan and a professional website in place thanks to the team at Sustainable Marketing Services, Radiant are now positioned to take their business and their brand to the next stage in its evolution.

As managing director John Askwith remarked “going forward the website will leave our sales trips with a stronger impact. Any double-check on who we are online will be backed with a professional image for Radiant.”

Sustainable Marketing Services (Australia) Pty Ltd delivers practical, results-orientated and reliable marketing services, creating unique brand stories and through excellence in marketing and PR.

We control strategy in action to produce reliable results and work with growing businesses in Australia and internationally.

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