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Sustainable Long-Term Growth

A Brisbane digital marketing agency that deliver better marketing and better results.

Sustainable Marketing Services (Australia) Pty Ltd is a multi-award winning Brisbane digital marketing agency.  We help our clients to build their brand reputation, boost their visibility and achieve more sustainable growth.  As marketing communications specialists, we also understand the  best way to influence your ideal target audiences.


Achieve more growth with a Brisbane digital marketing company

Integrating digital marketing and traditional marketing together can deliver a better ROI on your marketing. Digital marketing is not a strategy to do in isolation from your traditional marketing.

With over 25 years of experience in marketing, public relations, marketing communications, digital marketing, and social media, we have a long history of achieving reliable results across an extensive range of industries.

Practical Marketing. Reliable Results.

We deliver practical marketing that achieves reliable results.

One of the things that make us unique is our ability to personalise digital marketing strategies and traditional marketing strategies for your business.

We take the time to understand your business, are good at seeing the whole picture and focus on delivering sustainable business growth.

Expert Knowledge. Informed Thinking.

We use our expertise to elevate your brand and achieve sustainable growth.

As a Brisbane marketing company, we deliver marketing, public relations, marketing communications, digital marketing and social media that performs.

From your brand positioning, key messages to marketing communications, we are experts at influencing your ideal customers to buy from you.

Our team of marketing experts use insights and measurements to continue to improve the performance of your marketing.

Award-Winning. Sustainable Long-Term Growth.

Maria Anderson launched Sustainable Marketing Services with the belief that good business practices can generate sustainable long-term growth.

For our clients, this is about excellence, innovation and robust systems that use your resources efficiently, improve performance and deliver reliable outcomes.

For us, we’re about being sustainable across the triple bottom line (profit, community, and the planet).

We have won a few awards to recognise our good business practices and our commitment to making a positive contribution to our community.


2020 & 2019 & 2018 Honour Roll Business of the Year, Redand BaR Awards
2016 Redlands Hall of Excellence Business of the Year
2016, The Australian Small Business Champion Awards (Business Services)
2015 & 2014 Redlands Hall of Excellence Business of the Year
Hall Of Fame
2013 Best Small Business
2012 Best Small Business
2012 Best Professional & Business Support Services
2011 Best Small Business & Highly Commended for Professional Services
2010 Best Small Business
2009 Best Emerging Business, Redlands Business Excellence Awards

Achieve sustainable growth with a Brisbane digital marketing agency

As a Brisbane digital marketing agency, we can build your brand’s reputation, boost the visibility of your brand, and help you achieve sustainable growth.