Public Relations Plan

Strong reputations built with successful public relations plans

A Public Relations Plan is your road map, used to develop a successful PR program that outlines your key objectives for your organisation and finds creative, effective ways to achieve maximum exposure in the media.

Public Relations can help you build product awareness, create interest, provide information to your customers, stimulate demand or reinforce your brand. By co-ordinating your public relations activities, you can achieve greater outcomes!

At Sustainable Marketing Services, we can work on activities to help you achieve your objectives, boost your profile, and look at ways to best communicate to media. We will help define who your target audience is and how to best speak to them.

You have the power to shape conversations about issues impacting your business. Too often we see resources wasted on piecemeal activities, such as a flyer here, a brochure there or an offer thrown together at the last minute.

At Sustainable Marketing Services we work with you to provide individual, practical, tailor-made public relations solutions. On top of this we have a strong team so we can offer integrated services from branding and marketing to digital, content and social media.

Our services include:

Helped the Sports Aviation Federation of Australia raise awareness of their sport

Today Show coverage of SAFA simulator | Public Relations Plan

Public Relations Plan

This solution includes:

Step One

A two-hour workshop with you. We speak to you and really listen and analyse your internal and external environment. We gain a genuine understanding of your organisation’s capabilities, customers, and business environment.

  • We consider how public relations can best support your business objectives
  • We consider your target audiences, who you should be talking to and what you should be saying

Step Two

We use our expert knowledge, learning from our workshop and analysis to:

  • Identify your goals
  • Define your objectives
  • Determine your target audience and key messages (who you should be talking to and what you should be saying)

Step Three

  • We document your public relations plan
  • We create a calendar of public relations activities including a budget
  • We show you how Public Relations activities should be measured

Book a meeting to discuss how our PR experts can craft a public relations plan to help you build a strong reputation for your brand.

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The results we achieve:

  • Reached nationwide audiences of more than 1 million on prime time news
  • Successfully positioning brands as experts in their field
  • Editorial coverage in major national newspapers and on radio
  • Client appeared on Today Show.

Public Relations to drive bookings for summer with Equeva in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains Visitor Guide | Public Relations Plan
CTEK Battery Chargers | Public Relations Plan

Testimonial for CTEK

"Over the past 6 years CTEK would like to thank you for your outstanding work in the Public Relation & Marketing within the Australian and New Zealand.

Since you started working for CTEK the contribution that Sustainable Marketing Services have made in raising awareness of the CTEK brand and our products, particularly in the areas of DC-DC on-board charging and the professional workshop has been outstanding, this has led to CTEK becoming the number one Battery Charger brand in both Australia and New Zealand.

Your marketing and PR work has been a major factor in increasing our sales in both countries year on year.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your services over the past six years and wish you all the best for the future."

Yours sincerely

Robert Briggs
Director of Sales & Marketing Asia Pacific.

Check out a case study on CTEK here

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