Marketing for Accountants


Marketing for accountants

Marketing for Accountants in today’s highly competitive environment can be a challenge. It’s become more difficult to attract and retain clients. Competition has increased and moving to a new accountant isn’t as difficult as it once was.

Historically, many accounting firms have relied on relationship marketing and referrals alone. But gone are the days when financial services professionals could solely rely on their reputations and contacts to secure a steady stream of clients.

To keep up, some firms at the big end of town are coming down to get SME clients from the smaller end of town. Others are setting up multi-brand practices. Then there are those who are deciding to specialise, for example, in tax accounting in key industries.

Times have changed, and progressive accounting firms are changing with it. With rapid technological changes in the marketplace, the need to adapt to digital, social and content marketing has never been more important.

Position your firm as an authority and thought leader

Marketing is an essential part of business for modern accounting firms.

As we shift towards a greater reliance on digital and social media, the online world is becoming an important tool for building trust, engaging and educating potential customers, quickly. A lead-generating website and strong social media presence carries your identity, demonstrates your relevance and showcases your qualifications as an expert.

Along with traditional marketing techniques like referrals, accountants must have a strong online presence and build their profile on social media to stay top of mind and be competitive.

Marketing trends for accounting services

When searching for an accountant, potential clients are now doing their research online. They’re searching via Google, they’re asking for recommendations from people in Facebook groups, and they’re making assessments based on the quality of firms’ websites.

Google is pushing down organic content with ads and Google Business Listings, meaning you need to have a Google Business Listing for local area traffic and consider AdWords for active leads.

Over at Facebook, the social media giant has made significant amendments to its News Feed Algorithm. It now limits the reach of posts from businesses and organisations by placing greater emphasis on posts from friends, families and groups.

Marketing an accounting firm in the digital age is a whole new ball game. For organisations who want to effectively engage with clients and prospects - content, storytelling and niche target marketing is becoming increasingly important.

Five Tips for Marketing for Accountants

  1. Make use of different marketing channels. Ask your clients for referrals, invest in a better and more responsive website, send out email newsletters and use social media and public relations to raise the profile of your brand. It’s no longer enough to rely solely on networking meetings or word of mouth to find new clients
  2. Market your services to a niche audience and target your messages with laser precision. For example, if you’re a firm with several construction clients, consider marketing to other building professionals. Understand your customers, their requirements and needs - build and nurture those relationships through targeted content that resonates with them
  3. Show your expertise by crafting compelling content. Tell interesting and relevant stories through blogs, newsletters and social media. Accounting is complicated, but content lets you share your knowledge in an easy-to-understand way. Invest in content that answers your target audience’s questions and connects with potential clients
  4. Use Google advertising (AdWords/Display/Remarketing) to generate leads. Use Google My Business to drive leads in the same geographical area of your business
  5. Network more effectively. Even in today’s digital age, there is no substitute for face-to-face communication. Networking is still a powerful way to make a lasting impression on prospects.

Example of work for marketing for accountants

Growing Up Financially brochure

Sustainable Marketing Services has proven performance in marketing for accountants

Sustainable Marketing Services is a multi-award-winning end-to-end agency with a proven track record in marketing for accountants raise their brand profiles, generate leads, grow their business and retain clients.

We have more than a decade of experience creating and executing exceptional marketing strategies for automotive aftermarket, professional services, airsport bodies and renewable power. See some of the companies we have worked for.

Maria Anderson, the founder, previously worked in the marketing of financial services, working with renowned companies like MLC, Macquarie Bank and Credit Suisse. She initially studied accounting at university before switching to a marketing degree.

We use our know-how to deliver and execute practical, reliable and results-orientated marketing for accountants including marketing, public relations, digital marketing and social media.

Results we have achieved

  • Elevated the profile of accounting firm Wilson Teis and increased leads and conversions through a marketing plan, digital marketing and social media.
  • Developed a content marketing / infographic tool to help parents educate their children about money at different ages it went viral).
  • Developed a content marketing / infographic tool on 10 Steps to Better Budgeting
  • Built professional websites Wilson Teis Accounting, WT Value, WT Financial and WT Bookkeeping
  • Wrote compelling newsletters that outperformed industry averages and received consistent positive feedback from clients.
  • Developed a quirky postcard for direct mail for WT Bookkeeping to get cut through.

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