Media Planning and Management

Reach your customers through the right media

Media planning and management delivers the right message at the right time using the right media to influence your target audience to move them into action.

Creating a successful media plan requires:

  • Developing a good understanding of your customer
  • Selecting the right combination of media to suit your audience
  • Creating the right design and offer to encourage audiences to act
  • Assessing which media is performing through measurement
  • Making progressive improvements to deliver a better return

How we can help you with your media planning and management.

Sustainable Sustainable Marketing Services builds, delivers and manages strategy-led, reliable and results-focussed marketing, public relations, digital and brand assets to help our clients achieve sustainable long-term growth.

We can help you understand your audience and develop, execute, manage and refine a media plan that will elevate your brand and drive more revenue for your company.

By reviewing media and using an informed and systematic approach to media management, we are able to recommend the best media channels to connect with customers and deliver results.

We are able to curtail unnecessary media expenditure and suggest more viable placement strategies and content that appeal and resonates with your target market.

We can:

  • Analyse current media
  • Recommend media to buy
  • Negotiate and buy media on your behalf
  • Advise on content and brand messages
  • Develop content and design for print, digital and social media
  • Integrate media with public relations, content marketing and campaigns
  • Track and measure marketing metric and media performance