Marketing Technical Products And Services Is Simple!

Businesses that sell technical products and services usually value technical expertise. So it is easy to understand how technical-minded people might believe that using ‘complex technology’ in marketing will demonstrate expertise and sell more products and services. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true. In reality, it can make it harder for customers to understand what you do and slow your sales process down.

The world is a busy place. Businesses and consumers alike have too many things to do and too little time to do them. Catching their attention with so many competing messages can be challenging. In addition, people have different levels of technical knowledge so their ability to understand technical information is varied. Simplifying your marketing can make it easy to understand your products and services!

Sustainable Marketing Services looks at three key success factors to marketing technical products.

1. Create a strong and unique brand story

Businesses and consumers look for a range of attributes when purchasing products and services. They look for a strong brand, functionality, quality, ease of use, referrals and testimonials, service offering, customer experience, and price to name a few. Focusing on technical attributes alone will not satisfy all of their purchase criteria nor will it tell them how your product or service will add value and enable them to achieve what they need. One of the critical success factors is creating a strong brand story and value proposition that is unique and differentiates you from competitors.

2. Transform your products into easy to understand messages

Transforming complex, technical products and services into easy to understand sales messages makes it easy to achieve sales. Prospects find it easier to understand what you do and for whom, and how this can benefit them. This can help you convert sales and shorten your sales process. Put simply, our clients have told us that their prospects now “get what we do”. “You have simplified our complex products. The conversations are now less technical, but centred on benefits and value add as well as being more corporate which made selling easier. Smartcool (2012)

3. Educate your customers

Complex, technical products and services can take longer to sell. Potential customers may not understand the benefits of your solutions or how they work. Informing people about your products or services makes it easier for them to make a purchase decision. It can reduce and eliminate purchase blockages. When potential customers are well informed their decision process is quicker, leading to a faster sale.